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All ALSA Elite Champions Recognized
This Elite achievement is the highest award that an animal can earn.  It has been in effect since 1995.  These llamas have
 achieved the title of ALSA Elite Champion by earning six Grand Champion titles at Halter and six Grand Champion titles at Performance in ALSA shows. Intact males or females have also earned a First Place win in Get Of Sire or Produce of Dam class. 

ALSA Grand Champions
These llamas have achieve the title of ALSA Grand Champion by earning both an 
ALSA Halter Champion title and also an ALSA Performance Champion title.

ALSA Champions
Halter * Non-Breeder * Performance * Fiber
Produce Of Dam * Get Of Sire * Adult Showmanship

ALSA ROM Winners (Recognition of Merit)
Halter * Non-Breeder * Obstacle * Pack * PR * Driving * Fiber
* Produce Of Dam * Get Of Sire * Adult Showmanship

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