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General Information:

The ALSA Award Program offers the following awards:
Recognition of Merit (ROM)
ALSA Champion
ALSA Grand Champion
Fleece Champion
Elite Champion
Showmanship  Champion

  • Members of ALSA may have awards tabulated for llamas or alpacas that they own.

  • Animals must be recorded with ALSA and have an ALSA Animal Number in order to receive points. 

  • In order to receive points, the ALSA Animal Number must be provided to show management.

  • Points are recorded only from those classes specified by ALSA.

  • ALSA Youth members may earn awards as specified in the Youth Division.

  • All award records are maintained by the ALSA Office and are published on the ALSA website.

  • You may record your animal with ALSA and receive an ALSA Animal Number here.


Recognition Of Merit:

This award is achieved by the accumulation of points an animal earns
by placing in ALSA classes.  Points are awarded and accumulated
according to the ALSA Point Chart in the ALSA Handbook.  Only one
Recognition Of Merit Award per animal in each category will be approved
 in the lifetime of the animal.  Points required for a ROM are listed below:

Points Required for a ROM:

Llama Alpaca

Halter 25 Halter 15
Non-Breeder Halter 20 Alpaca Obstacle 15
Obstacle 25 Alpaca Public Relations 15
Public Relations 25 Pack 15
Pack 25 Produce Of Dam 10
Driving 20 Get Of Sire 10
Fleece 20

Produce Of Dam 15

Get Of Sire 20

A listing of all the animals who have earned the ALSA Halter ROM is here.
View animals with the ALSA ROM in Obstacle, PR, & Pack here.
View animals with the ALSA ROM in Produce of Dam & Get Of Sire here.
View animals who have earned their ROM in Driving here.


The ALSA Champion:

This award gives recognition to those llamas, alpacas, or members who have
 proven they can consistently excel in one or more approved category by
 winning a championship status.  This award is achieved by winning four Grand
 Championships or three Grand Championships and two Reserve Grand
 Championships.  Placements must be obtained before at least three different ALSA
 judges in a sanctioned show with a minimum of six entries in the Division.  
Champion status may be accomplished in all the following categories:

Categories In Which You May Achieve A Champion Status:

4 Grands   or   3 Grands and 2 Reserves Needed

Halter Adult Showmanship
Non-Breeder Halter Huacaya Alpaca 
Performance Suri Alpaca
Produce Of Dam Alpaca Performance
Get Of Sire Alpaca Produce Of Dam
Fleece, Double Coat Alpaca Get Of Sire

A listing of the all ALSA Halter Champion & Non-Breeder Halter Champion animals are here.
View ALSA Performance Champions here.
View ALSA Produce Of Dam & Get Of Sire Champions here.
View ALSA Adult Showmanship Champions here.
View ALSA Fiber Champions here.
View ALSA Alpaca Champions here.

The ALSA Grand Champion

To qualify for the title of ALSA Grand Champion, the llamas must accomplish the
 requirements for ALSA Halter Champion or Non-Breeder Halter Champion AND
 also the requirements for ALSA Performance Champion.

A listing of the all ALSA Grand Champion animals are here.

The ALSA Elite Champion

This award is designed to recognize those animals who have consistently
 demonstrated superior achievement in both halter and performance competition.
  An Elite Champion status for a breeding animal may be earned by winning Six
Grand Championships at Halter, Six Performance Championships and One First
 Place in Produce of Dam or Get of Sire.  An Elite Champion status for a
 non-breeding animal may be earned by winning Six Grand Championships at
 Halter and Six Performance Champions.  There is no time limit for earning this award.

A listing of the all ALSA Elite Champions are here.

The ALSA Champion Certificate

These llamas qualified under the award system that was in place before 1995. The
requirements  included earning a total of 35 points in at least five different point classes.
 This certificate is no longer awarded.
See a listing of these Champion animals here.

The ALSA Supreme Champion Certificate

These llamas qualified under the award system that was in place before 1995. The
requirements included earning a total of 50 points in at least six different point classes.
This certificate is no longer awarded.
See a listing of these Supreme Champion animals here.

Gain National Recognition For Your Llamas

  They will then be eligible for Championships and Recognition of Merits.
All you have to do is fill out a Llama Recording Form for your llama and send
to the ALSA Office with the one time fee of $20.00 per llama.


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PO Box 152499
Austin, TX  78715
Phone:  281-516-1442
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