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 What's New 2012

The 2012 ALSA 17th Edition Handbook
was mailed to all adult members.

If you did not receive your copy, please contact the office.

The ALSA Board of Directors would like to thank
the South Central Llama Association
for their generous help with this mailing of your handbook.
Thank you to the South Central Llama Association!

Congratulations to the
2012 Youth High Point Top 10
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 POSTED 7-30-2012 ..............
We would like to announce a change in the judging at the
ALSA Grand National Show.
Bill Schultz of Hammond WI will be judging in the Halter Classes,
along side Judie Moser of Redmond OR and Deb Yeagle of Lindsey OH

The Certified Results of the 2012 ALSA Election are in!
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Beginning & Advanced  
Alpaca Halter Judges Clinic

November 9, 10, 11 2012

POSTED MAY 31, 2012 - Due to a critical health situation at Pearson Pond we are changing the June clinic to Glen and Margo Unzicker’s farm in Indiana
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pearson's and we also would like to thank the Unzicker's for allowing us to move the judges clinic in such short notice!

The 2012 ALSA Handbook 17th Edition has been posted here.

The New 2012 Judges & Apprentices List has been posted here.

The 2012 Election Petition To Nominate form has been posted here.
Petitions must be submitted no later than April 10th.  You must be a current ALSA
member to submit a Petition To Nominate and to be eligible to be nominated and
placed on a ballot.

New Email Address for ALSA Office
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WHAT'S NEW 2011!

Special Regional/National Holiday edition of Showring published online!
A special feature of the 2011 Regional Shows, Qualifying Shows, and the Grand National along
with Holiday Cards from our renewing 2012 ALSA members.

New ALSA Office

     ALSA is pleased to announce that Robin Turell has been contracted for the position of ALSA Executive Secretary.  We welcome Robin and look forward to working with her in the coming year. The new mailing address for the ALSA Office will be: 


17102 Mueschke Road

Cypress, Texas 77433

Phone: 281-516-1442

New Email:

(please add this new email to your address book)  


     As of December 30, the office in Pittsburgh will close.  We plan to open the ALSA Office in Texas on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.  

     As this year comes to an end, we would like to sincerely thank Cheryl Ryberg for her years of service to the ALSA association and wish her the best of everything in her future endeavors.  We look forward to continue to see Cheryl and her Four Hawks Llamas at future ALSA shows.  

Holiday Gift Offer with Membership Renewal
December 1st to December 15, 2011

Interested Parties For ALSA Office Management Position - 2012
The current Office Manager's contract expires on December 31, 2011.  The Board of Directors is accepting applications for the position of ALSA Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary is responsible for supervising the ALSA Office, reporting to the ALSA Board, and providing overall leadership and management of ALSA in accordance with its mission and philosophy.  The job includes having a working knowledge of all daily functions as well as: Familiarity with the ALSA Handbook and Bylaws; Input of data;  Hands-On Financial Management.  Deadline for applications is October 21, 2011.  Interested parties should send resumes and inquiries to the ALSA President, Ken Forster.  Address:  8911 Hwy. 32,  Forman, North Dakota.  Email:

ALSA Judges Llama Fleece Clinic - 2011
November 18, 19, & 20, 2011

     For Beginner & Advanced Judges and Owners wanting to know more about fleece.  See Information here.

2011 ALSA Grand National Show Of Champions - Online Entry
Oct. 28, 2011 thru Oct. 30, 2011
  *  Lancaster Event Center; Lincoln, Nebraska
Online Show Entry  *  Class List Show Schedule  *  Fleece Show
It's Mardi Gras in Lincoln!  See all the activities here!

New Judge Rules 2011

Judges: Please note Judges Rule changes at:

Grand National Rules - Handbook Changes

Minutes Jan 11, 2011
Effective January 1, 2011, all entries at The Grand National Show in Halter Classes are required to have  an ALSA recording number.
Part F, Section 2. Qualifying; A. Requirements;
1. All exhibitors at the ALSA Grand National must be ALSA members.
2. All Entries in ALSA Grand National Halter classes must have an ALSA Recording Number.

Part F, Section 7-E
E. The Grand National shall contract to pay each Judge $350 per day plus expenses. Only judges meeting the
criteria under Part S, Section 2-B-8 and from the list furnished by Judges Committee per Part F, Section 7-A
may be hired to judge at the Grand National.

Regional Rules

Minutes Jan 11, 2011

Part E, Section 2-B
No pre-qualification required to participate in a Regional Championship Shows.

Part D, Section 6-D
Change to read:
D. Each Regional with 150 or more entered in performance and youth
judging may hire a second judge and shall contract to pay all Judges
$300 per day plus expenses. Each Regional at the request of the Lead
Judge should also contract for an additional judge (with BOD approval)
paid equally for the job. All Regional judges most meet the criteria under
Part S, Section 2-B-8 and be from the list furnished by Judges Committee
per Part D, Section 6-A.

Fiber Classes Rules
Jan 11, 2011
art D, Section 1-J-8

Eliminate “…of Alpaca…”
Delete: “a. – f.”
Divide by type(Suri, Single Coat & Double Coat)
Divide by age at shearing
NOTE: This mirrors item 10 of this section for Alpacas and allows for consistency

Part D, Section 3. A. 1. b.
Age Divisions: ALSA Fleece Shows with llama fleece classes must have at least these five Age Divisions.
• Juvenile – 5 to 12 months
• Yearling – 12 to 24 months
• Two Year-Old – 24 to 36 months
• Adult – 36 months to 60 months
• Mature Adult – 60 months and older At the discretion of the Show Superintendent and if there are fewer than four entries per class, age divisions may be combined. The minimum number of classes for ALSA Fleece Shows is two per Coat Division. Those two classes are:
     (1) Juvenile through Yearling – Under 24 months
     (2) Two Year-Old through Mature Adult – 24 months and older.

WHAT'S NEW 2010!

March 12, 2010
Part D, Section 1, J, 8: Eliminate “Alpaca Fiber Show”. listed are only Llama Fleece Classes.
8.Llama Fleece shows

Performance Classes Rules

Jan 12, 2010 Minutes
Effective Jan 01, 2010.
Pannier weight requirement for llamas and alpacas has been reduced to total pack weight of 20 pounds for llama and 10 pounds for alpaca. Panniers, however, must be fully filled out (filled out being defined as filled to the extent that there is no lax pannier material, representative of a pannier packed for an extended pack trip). All llamas 36 months or older must continue to be outfitted with a full pack system, consisting of saddle and two removable panniers.

Show Peformance Criteria

Novice Performance Division
Once an animal has won 4 ALSA Performance Grand Champions or 3 ALSA Performance
Grand Champions and 2 ALSA Reserve Grand Champions in Novice or Open Divisions,
the animal will achieve the ALSA award of ALSA Novice Performance Grand Champion.
That animal must now move into Advanced Performance classes.

Advanced Performance Division

Open to all ALSA Performance Grand Champion animals, or those who chose to skip Novice and go straight to Advance Performance.

Once an animal has won **4 ALSA Performance Champions or 3 **ALSA Performance Championships and **2 ALSA Reserve Performance Championships in Advanced or Open Performance Classes, the animal will be awarded ALSA Advanced Performance Champion. However, this animal has the choice of moving to *Masters Performance
Division or continuing in Advanced Performance Division until a maximum of 6 ALSA Performance Grand Championships have been achieved. This option is to satisfy the requirement for the Elite Champion Award (6 ALSA Performance Grand Championships, along with other requirements).

Masters Performance Division

This is for all animals that have completed the requirements for an ALSA Advanced Performance Champion as described above.

It should be noted that reference to Novice Performance Champion, Advanced Performance Champion and Master Performance Champion, were established awards in 2010 and are currently being finalized to replace existing Performance awards in the next edition of the ALSA Handbook.

ALSA Performance Grand Champion and ALSA Performance Reserve Grand Champion:
Animals that have won an ALSA Grand Championship or ALSA Reserve Grand championship at an ALSA sanctioned show with a minimum of 6 entries in Obstacle Class. Effective 1-1-2009, animals must compete in all three performance classes in the division in order to be awarded ALSA Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion.

Part M; Section 7- A-1
1. Minimum width 30” for Youth; Open and Novice divisions.

Part Q; Section 9-B-6
6. All the Obstacle rules and guidelines listed in Section M. 7
apply to Youth Obstacle classes.
Nov 16, 2010
1. Masters classes will consist of 10 obstacles.
2. Master's Pack class should be removed from the optional class section of the handbook.

Show Rules Re: Hiring Judges
Part D, Section 1-B
7. Size of Shows and Required Number of Judges
a. Newly sanctioned shows (i.e. shows that have not been offered before) must hire Judges with 5 years or more experience.
Part D, Section 1-D, D. Judges’ Fees,  1. Llama Shows
b. Halter/Performance Judges should be paid the following minimum fees per day:
Judge with less than 5 years experience - $250
Judge with 5 years or more experience - $300
c. Fiber Judges should be paid the following minimum fees per day:
Judge with less than 5 years experience - $250
Judge with 5 years or more experience - $300

Show Management Option for Large Youth Showmanship & Performance Classes
Part Q; Section 5-b, page 117.

B. Should the number of entries in a Youth Showmanship and/or
Youth Performance class
exceed 20 entries, the show may divide the individual class so that there are at least 10 in
each new class chronologically by exhibitor age and run two or more identical classes per age divison.  Each class will win its own premiums, ribbons, and ALSA points.  There will be no runoff of the classes.

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