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Upcoming Alpaca Judges Clinic

Subject: Beginning and advanced alpaca halter judging
Instructor: Deb Yeagle
Dates: January 28-30, 2022
Location: Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch, Odessa, Florida

Applications due by January 18, 2022

Click the link below for more details and to sign up.

ALSA Alpaca Judges Clinic Jan 2022


Congratulations to Maggie Jordan and Morgan Barba!

Maggie Jordan  Morgan Barba

Click here to learn more about our 2021 youth scholarship winners!


2021 Grand Nationals are Coming Up!

October 29-31, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Check out the Grand National Page for details!


Rules Change: Delete Mandatory Obstacles From Performance Classes

The rule is effective immediately.

Motion: Approve the above new rule to read as follows: Delete mandatory obstacles from performance classes.
Motion by Ron. Seconded by Carol. Unanimously approved.

Motion: Approve the above rule as presented. Motion by Ron. Seconded by Carol. Motion unanimously approved.


Rules Change: Animal Showing in Correct Division

The rule is effective immediately.

Animals must show in the appropriate division. Eligibility requirements for animals to show in the novice division are outlined as follows.

1) a novice animal is defined as an animal who has not earned 4 or more Grand or Reserve Championships in any performance division, Novice, open, or youth, in any show association or open show with a minimum of 5 in the division.
A double point show is counted as double championships regardless of number of times the course was run.
2) if a novice animal has moved to the advanced division in any other Show Association, they must show in the advanced division in ALSA. Once an animal is entered in advanced it cannot move back to novice.
3) it is up to the owner/exhibitor to keep a record of their animals placements and championships and to enter the animal correctly when entering ALSA performance classes.
4) Any animal shown in the inappropriate division will have any placements, awards or titles removed.

Motion: Approve the above new rule to read as follows: Animals must show in the appropriate division.

Motion: Approve the above rule as presented. Motion by Anna. Seconded by Carol. Motion unanimously approved.


Changes to the Handbook Addendum

To see the latest changes to the Handbook Addendum, click here.

Please note that there are four items on the new addendum page. If you only see one item, try clearing your browser cache and reloading.


A Note From the ALSA Secretary

Coming up on a year it seems like yesterday that I took over the responsibility of the ALSA office function and I thank you all for the opportunity.  I have so enjoyed talking to members, helping solve problems, getting answers to questions and watching how this organization continues to thrive and grow despite the current restrictions we are all living under.  It is proof of the dedication of the membership and the Board of Directors in maintaining a healthy, viable organization while other entities fall by the wayside. Thank you for the patience and understanding you all have shown me. I am really looking forward to a tremendous 2021! 
May you all stay safe….
                                                                           - Linda


Huge THANK YOU to All 2020 Show Supers!

The year 2020 will definitely go down in the ALSA history pages, but not exactly the way we would have wished.  Were it not for the tireless efforts of our Show Superintendents, this year would have looked much, much different.  While many shows were cancelled, and those cancellations were beyond anyone’s control, the shows that did occur were met with resounding appreciation of all the participants.  Holding a show while exercising the guidelines of the local health department is no easy feat.  BUT these Super Show Super’s did it!!!  
In addition to going forward with scheduled shows where possible, a number of Super Show Super’s stepped up and ADDED shows to the schedule.  By going that extra step, many ALSA members were able to enjoy their passion.
Again, without the Show Superintendents this year would have looked much different.  Our sincerest appreciation for your effort and dedication to ALSA and its members!


2020 Grand Nationals Cancelled

As you probably already know, the 2020 Grand Nationals in Cedar Rapids, IA have been cancelled.  It was a difficult decision, but many factors contributed to the outcome.  The state of IOWA was hit by a “derecho” on August 10, 2020 inflicting wide-spread, severe damage.  The host facility was damaged, however, the extent of the damage was not realized until a few weeks later when power was finally restored.  It would be impossible for the facility to be repaired to a usable state before the first of the year.  In an effort to find a substitute venue, nothing was available that would accommodate our event.  Finally, the COVID-19 Pandemic was a large factor influencing the decision.  Keeping our members and families safe was the primary concern.

See y'all in Cedar Rapids next year!


New ALSA Office Hours

Due to the reduced activity in the ALSA community and in an effort to be good stewards of ALSA’s finances the Office will be reducing operating hours effective September 14, 2020. 

The new hours are:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  8AM to 12PM central time.


General Election News - New Board Members!

ALSA Bylaws Article III Section 6 Election (e) state: If the number of qualified candidates…are equal to the number of open director seats…These candidates will be deemed elected.

ALSA Board of Directors had two openings and two willing members stepped up to serve.

Congratulations to your new Board Members:

             Ulin Andrews – Log Cabin Llamas – Oakland, IL
             Anna Reese – Leslie Lane Llamas – Seguin, TX

And THANK YOU for your continued support of ALSA!

As per the recent Bylaw change they will begin their three-year term January 1, 2021.


New Guidelines for Animal Numbers

It was determined at the beginning of the year that there were a number of animals with multiple identifying numbers.  This lent to error and confusion starting with the entry form and ending with confusion while inputting show results.  One animal with more than one “ALSA” number would not be accumulating points accurately.  While it was not a widespread issue, it did bring up discussion as to why we issue separate numbers for tracking show results and the ensuing confusion,  This was discussed at length during the January 2020 and February 2020 Board of Directors meetings (summary of this discussion can be viewed in the Board Minutes tab of this website).
It was decided by unanimous vote that effective Jan 1, 2020 there would no longer be a $20.00 fee to register an animal with ALSA for the purpose of acquiring show points.  It was also reiterated that all animals participating in ALSA shows are registered with ILR or AOA, and thus going forward the ILR or AOA number would be the number that is used to track the animal.    Going forward all animals will be registered in the show data base using their ILR or AOA numbers.

In the case where the animal cannot be registered with ILR or AOA due to being a rescue animal, the animal was not registered for a valid reason, or registration “disappeared” during multiple transfers of ownership an NA number will be assigned.  This animal can then be shown in Adult Non-breeder, Performance and Youth.

With the elimination of the fee to “register” an animal for show point accumulation, all animals with numbers having a prefix of NA will be receiving points as of January 1, 2020.  Prior to this date, these animal’s results were NOT recorded in the show results since there was not a fee paid for their tracking    Please refer to the ALSA Handbook Part G, Section 6, Point A.  

1.    There will no longer be a fee to “register” your animal for point accumulation.  You may register your animal using the ILR or AOA numbers that were assigned to that animal by the respective registry.  If you currently have an animal number beginning with “1” or “NA”, please continue to use that number.

2.    Please pull up your animals on the ALSA website using the following path:
Home page   ->    Your Llama or Youth point (center column)    ->    Search For a List of Animals with Points Owned by an ALSA Member  ->   enter your member number in the search box. This will provide a list of all the animals attached to your member number.  If you find that there are duplicates i.e. the same animal name with multiple numbers, decide which number you will use and inform the office by email of what numbers you wish to delete.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ALSA office.


ALSA Website Updates

Recently we experienced problems with the database and it was ultimately migrated to a new host server service.  Through this process members have not been able to access information using the website.  Since many of the searches and information are sourced from the data base, the website hasn't been very usable the last few weeks. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. IF you notice any discrepancies or have questions regarding show results, please communicate through the office EMAIL –,

But with pain comes gain!  We are now in a better position to update and upgrade the database and website. Hopefully we will be able to add new and member centered enhancements. 

A huge thank you to Jimmy Flannigan who has been so gracious in keeping the database and website up and running for the past years.  He took on this responsibility as a “favor” and went above and beyond the definition of help and aid!  And a huge thank you to Karl Tinsley who worked tirelessly over the course of the past week to get the database on the new server accessible and back online.


Board of Directors Minutes

Find out what’s going on with ALSA by reading the Board of Directors minutes.  Use this path to access all of the BOD minutes:  From the Home/landing page select ALSA BOD and from there you can select “BOD minutes” and then find the month that you are interested in.
The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for August 12, 2020 at 7PM (CDT).  If you have business to bring to the board, please email it to the ALSA office at for inclusion in the agenda.


New Shows Coming Up!

August 4-7, 2020 OC Fair Llama Show in Costa Mesa, CA
August 8, 2020 - Cancelled NLA Wild n Wooly in Oglallala, NE
August 15, 2020 Georgetown Ag-Fair in Georgetown, IL 
August 22-23, 2020 Millennium Magic Summer Classic in Onsted, MI
August 28-29, 2020 Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, NE 
September 3-4, 2020 Western Regionals in Beaumont, CA  
September 4-6,2020 Heart of Dixie Llama Show in Ringgold, GA 
September 4-6, 2020 - Cancelled Llamafest in East Lansing, MI 
September 19-20,2020  Higher Ground Fair in Laramie, WY 
October 3-4, 2020 HLAA Fall Show (Llama, Alpaca & Fiber)  Lebenon, IN 
October 3-4, 2020 Rayne or Shyne Pasture Show in Garden, KS 
October 16-18, 2020 Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA 
October 30-November 1, 2020