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     We are inviting High School Seniors who are an ALSA member to apply for one of two scholarships from the ALSA Youth Scholarship Fund.  These scholarships will be awarded in May and recognized again at the ALSA Grand National Championship Show held each October.  If you are interested in applying, please fill in the application form and give responses to all the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  You need to pay close attention to the requirements and directions for this scholarship.  The application must be postmarked no later than March 15th of this year.

Please Become A Sponsor 
See what your small donation does for our youth!

    As many of you may already know, this scholarship is funded by donations.  ALSA gives out two scholarships every year to two ALSA youth members. 
     As time goes on, donations are unfortunately declining.  We need to receive donations annually from you, the llama community, if this is going to be an ongoing award.  Otherwise we will not be able to continue with this valuable program.
     We encourage you to become a sponsor of this program this year.  Please email the ALSA office for information on how to make a donation to this program.  All donations, regardless of size, are greatly appreciated.


Revised February 2013

1.  Applications may be sent by U. S. Mail.

2.  All applications, recommendation letters, and responses MUST be postmarked or email date stamped by March 15th or before.  Any applications without that postmark or date stamp will not be considered.

3.  Applicants must fill out the scholarship application completely and it must accompany the responses and recommendation letters in order to be considered for the scholarship.

4.  The order of the packet shall be:
   A. Application form
   B. Checklist and confirmation page
   C. Response questions
   D. Recommendation letters
   E. All applicants must include 2 letters of reference with this application from the
        following (excluding relatives):
                1.    An individual in your educational background
                2.    An individual familiar with your llama-related events

This complete packet should be mailed to:

       Kim Kyst
       1561 Galilee Church Road
       Jefferson, GA 30549


5.  Applicants will receive an email within 5 days confirming that their complete application has been received.

6.  Applicants who did not meet the above requirements will be notified within 5 days that they will not be considered for the scholarship.

7.   All applicants must be a high school graduate in the year they apply for the ALSA scholarship, a current ALSA Youth member, and no older than 19 years of age at the time of the application.

8.  The applicant must plan to attend an accredited college or university within a year of application.

9.   Scholarship winners will be notified by May 15th.

Go to this site to print off the scholarship application.

Go to this site to print off the questions that you need to respond to. 
This is a necessary requirement for this scholarship!  Type the questions and your responses on a separate sheet of paper and submit with your application and your letters of reference.

Go here to print off the Checklist & Confirmation page.

*  For applications to be judged anonymously, applications will be assigned numbers with names removed.

*  In order to protect all involved, the contents of your application may not be printed in any publication.

*  For recognition purposes, scholarship winners will be required to write an article about themselves and include a photo.

*  Applicants with questions are to contact the Kim Kyst - see contact info above. Questions asked by parents will NOT be accepted or answered.

The ALSA Board of Directors has received many incredible applications for these scholarships in the past.  We are continually overwhelmed by the amazing accomplishments of the llama youth of ALSA.  Many of these youth are doing wonderful things for their communities and the llama world!  Good Luck to all of the youth who send applications in this year for these scholarships.

Please consider making a donation to the ALSA Youth Scholarship Fund. 
All donations are greatly appreciated!



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