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To further secure the confidentiality of protests sent in by our
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he following format is in place.


Protest Rules   *  ALSA Protest Flowchart
  Protest Intent Form (Form A)   *  ALSA Protest Format (Form B)

Protest Rules
(rev. 08-2018)

1.     The Protest Intent Form (Form A) shall be sent only to the Protest Committee Chairperson along with the $250.00 fee within 10 days of the discovery of the alleged violation.

2.     The ALSA Protest Format (Form B), completed in full, shall be sent only to the Protest Committee Chairperson within 20 business days of the date of the initial intent form.

3.     The Chairperson of the Protest Committee shall then determine whether the protest or complaint has met all the listed prerequisites and is “COMPLETE”. (e.g. procedural guidelines: filed within 10 days of discovery by the protester, accompanied by $250 fee, signed by the protester, etc.) If all the required specifications have not been met, the protest is NOT COMPLETE and can not go forward to the committee. 

4.     If the protest is deemed “COMPLETE” (meeting all the procedural guidelines), the Protest Chairperson will then send a complete copy of the protest letter (deleting reference to the protester and the accused person) to all the Protest Committee members to determine whether it is a “VALID” or an “INVALID” protest.  The protest is VALID only if ALSA rules or ethics have been violated.  If ALSA rules or ethics have not been violated, the protest is deemed INVALID.  The accused person(s) are not notified of a protest against them at this time.  A courtesy copy, without identifications, will be sent to the Protest Committee Liaison and to the ALSA BOD President.

5.     If the protest is now voted “INVALID”, the Protest Chairperson will inform the protester of the committee’s decision.  The $250 filing fee will not be returned.

6.     If the protest is now deemed “VALID” (the protest is in violation of ALSA rules or ethics), the Protest Chairperson will then send a complete copy of the protest letter (deleting reference to the protester) to the accused person(s) and give the accused an opportunity to present a defense.  The Protest Chairperson will further investigate the protest by researching any observers or witnesses’ statements.  As much information as possible should be in written form.

7.     All collected information will then be sent to all Protest Committee members, without identifications, and each member will review the matter individually, according to the ALSA Handbook, to determine whether the protest must be UPHELD.  If the protest is UPHELD (the accused has been found guilty of a violation), the Protest Committee will recommend an appropriate penalty to the BOD.  Their recommendations must be returned to the Protest Committee Chairperson within 30 days maximum.

8.     If a group discussion is deemed necessary, the Protest Committee Chairperson may call a meeting for further discussion of the protest only after individual recommendations have been made.  All conversations about protests will be dated and noted by the Chair for future reference.

9.     The Protest Committee Chairperson will compose a final letter of recommendation based on the committee’s recommendations and forward it to the BOD with all committee members recommendations attached.  There will be no identification as to the accused person(s) or the person(s) filing the protest included.  A copy of the final letter of recommendation will also be sent to all the Protest Committee members.

10.  The Board of Directors will have the final word on the disposition of any ALSA protest and will notify the Protest Committee Chairperson of their decision and any disciplinary actions by letter.

11.  The Protest Committee Chairperson will notify the committee members, the protester, and the person(s) accused of the violation of the BOD decision by letter.

12.  If the protest is found “UPHELD”, filing fees will be returned to the protester.  If the protest is found “NOT UPHELD”, the filing fees will not be refunded.

13.  The ALSA Board of Directors will publish in the next issue of Showring the final decision of the Board of Directors on any upheld protest.  The notification will include the name of the individual, group, or show, and the violation as listed by Handbook section and paragraph, and penalties incurred as well as the disciplinary action recommended by the Board of Directors.

14.  Upon completion of each Protest, all documentation will be sent and filed at the ALSA office without the inclusion of the name of the person(s) filing the protest.  The person(s) filing the protest will remain confidential.

15.  If a conflict exists for the Chair of the Protest Committee to be able to perform his duties as Chair, then the duties are to transfer to the Ethics Committee Chairperson that sits on the Protest Committee.  If the Ethics Committee Chair has a conflict, the duties are then transferred to the Judge’s Committee Chairperson. 

To Summarize:

1.     All involved individuals names will be confidential.

2.     The protest is deemed COMPLETE if all prerequisites have been met.

3.     The protest is deemed VALID only if an ALSA rule or ethics have been violated.

4.     The protest is deemed UPHELD only if the accused has violated ALSA rules or ethics.

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