ALSA Grand National Show Of Champions 
2011 Results

     It was a great time at the 14th annual ALSA Grand National Show of Champions!  Competition was fierce with the fantastic quality of animals.  The Performance were classes were full and challenging, cart driving classes were awesome, and the youth class numbers and competition was excellent.  The overall atmosphere was a festive and exciting Mardi Gras - just what the ALSA National Shows are all about!  No doubt about it, there's just nothing like the annual ALSA Grand National Show!

Show Committee: National Committee Chair:  CarolAnn & Malcolm Tallmon 
Superintendents:  CarolAnn Tallmon
Committee:  Sharon Carrier, Dee January
Judges: Halter: Lora Crawford, Gayle Woodsum, Bill Feick
Performance:  Barb Harris,  Ken Forester
2011 Show Sponsors:

Thank You!  Your sponsorships are greatly appreciated!
Gold:  Carol Ann & Malcolm Tallmon
Silver:  Allen & Sue Davis
Contributing Sponsors:  Hubbard Feeds; Patti Morgan, Rock-n-M Llamas; Rocky Mountain Friends & Llama Lovers: Judy & Kurt Glasner, Jill & Rob Knuckles, Leslie & Steve Schubert, Patti & Mike Morgan, Deanna & Larry Lewellyn, Karen & Paul Schwartz, Carlos Mendoza, Marcie Saska-Agnew & Bob Burton; Dick Christenson in memory of Virginia Christenson;  Russ & Susan Lewis, Bai Star Llamas; Dee January, January's Dakota Llamas; Jay & Brenda Gilmore, Double Back Farm; Jim & Mary Nell Doyle, Mariko Llamas; Texas Classic Llama Show; Ruby Herron, Robin Turell, Sean Price, Figment Ranch; David & Suzanne Pendry, Fallen Oaks Llama Ranch.
Youth Versatility &
Photo Show Sponsors
Mark Foerder, Hubbard Feeds; Tabbethia Heubold, Long Island Livestock Co.
Jackpot Versatility
LANA - Llama Association of North America

Suri Classes
Suri Male Champion  
*   Suri Female Champion

Class 12 Class 13 Class 14 Class 15 
Juvenile Female Yearling Female 2-Year Female Adult Female
Class 18  Class 19 Class 20 Class 21
Juvenile Male Yearling Male 2-Year Male Adult Male

Light Wool Classes
Light Wool Male Champion   *   Light Wool Female Champion

Class 41 2 moved to Med. Class 43 Class 44
Juvenile Female Yearling Female 2-Year Female Adult Female
Class 47 Class 48 Class 49 Class 50
Juvenile Male Yearling Male 2-Year Male Adult Male

Medium Wool Classes
Medium Wool Male Champion
   *   Medium Wool Female Champion

Class 53 Class 54 Class 55 Class 56
Juvenile Female Yearling Female 2-Year Female Adult Female
Class 59 Class 60 Class 61 Class 62
Juvenile Male Yearling Male 2-Year Male Adult Male

Heavy Wool Classes
Heavy Wool Male Champion 
  *   Heavy Wool Female Champion

Class 73 Class 74 Class 75 Class 76
Juvenile Female Yearling Female 2-Year Female Adult Female
Class 79  Class 80 Class 81 Class 82
Juvenile Male Yearling Male 2-Year Male Adult Male

Non-Breeder Classes
Non-Breeder Champion

Class 24 Class 25 Class 26
Yearling 2-Year Adult

Group Classes

Class 85 Class 88
Produce Of Dan Get Of Sire

 Driving Classes
Driving Champions

Class 6 Class 7
Pleasure Driving Obstacle Driving

Masters Performance Classes
Masters Performance Champions

Class 29 Class 65 Class 91
Obstacle Pack PR

Advanced Performance Classes
Advanced Performance Champions

Class 30 Class 66  Class 92
Obstacle Pack PR

Novice PerformanceClasses
Novice Performance Champions

Class 32 Class 68 Class 94
Obstacle Pack PR

Advanced Alpaca Performance Classes
Alpaca Performance Champions

Class 31 Class 67 Class 93
Obstacle Pack PR

Youth and Adult Showmanship Classes

Class 40 Class Class 37 Class 38 Class 39
Adult Sub-Junior Junior Intermediate Senior

Senior Youth Performance Classes
Senior Youth Performance Champions

Class 3 Class 33 Class 69 Class 95
Youth Judging Obstacle Pack PR

Intermediate Youth Performance Classes
Intermediate Youth Performance Champions

Class 2 Class 35 Class 71 Class 97
Youth Judging Obstacle Pack PR

Junior Youth Performance Classes
Junior Youth Performance Champions

Class 1 Class 36 Class 72 Class 98
Youth Judging Obstacle Pack PR

Youth Alpaca Performance Classes
Youth Alpaca Performance Champions

Class 34 Class 70 Class 96
Obstacle Pack PR

Costume Classes

Class 4 Class5
Youth Adult

2011 Photo Show

2011 Grand National Fleece Show

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Fax:  281-516-1449

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