Show Listing for: 2023 Estes Park Wool Market Llama Show - Silver Date: 06/10-11/2023


*ALSA only records animals that have either earned points or qualified for our Regional or Grand National competitions. There may be "filler animals" that have neither qualified nor earned points, to complete a class of pointed animals with no gaps (therefore the placing in a class will read 1st - 2nd - 3rd, etc.). The entire show's results are not recorded. An animal with an ID of "na..." means that this is a non-registered animal and will not receive points. You can begin to receive points by registering your llama or alpaca with the ALSA office ($20 each). Back points may be researched adn added to newly registered animals for a fee of $25 per show..

Class Animal Name ALSA ID # of Entries Placing Points Owner Grand/Reserve Perf.Grand/Reserve Novice Grand/Reserve Master Grand/Reserve Show Grand/Reserve
Halter Juvenile LW Male  Llamarado's Splashy Showman  297695  1st  Rhonda Livengood  Grand          
Halter Juvenile LW Male  Cloud Peak's Aristotle  297647  2nd  Barbara Flinn  Reserve          
Halter Year. LW Male  Llamarado's Chinook  295606  1st  Rhonda Livengood           
Halter Juvenile LW Female  2Bit2 Blame It On The Moon  297530  1st  Marcie Saska-Agnew  Grand          
Halter Juvenile LW Female  Cloud Peak's Mehlee  297646  2nd  Barbara Flinn           
Halter 2 Yr. LW Female  2Bit2 Triple Threat  295908  1st  Marcie Saska-Agnew           
Halter Adult LW Female  2Bit2 La Vita Loca  295909  1st  Marcie Saska-Agnew  Reserve          
Halter Juvenile MW Male  Ollendick Farms Colton  297128  1st  Emily Hamilton  Reserve          
Halter Year. MW Male  Stage Stop Bitcoin  295910  2nd  Rhonda Livengood           
Halter Adult MW Male  Tall Tail's Kingston  1011606  1st  Robert Knuckles  Grand          
Halter Juvenile MW Female  Cloud Peak's Kodi  297703  1st  Barbara Flinn           
Halter Juvenile MW Female  Llamarado's Patriot's Last Glory  296891  2nd  Rhonda Livengood           
Halter Year. MW Female  ALCL Slick's Sister  296939  1st  Ulin Andrews           
Halter Year. MW Female  2Bit2 Spitin Image  296703  2nd  Marcie Saska-Agnew           
Halter 2 Yr. MW Female  Sambuca's Catalina  295792  1st  Emily Hamilton  Grand          
Halter Adult MW Female  RWL Elara  292688  1st  Kurt/Judy Glaser           
Halter Adult MW Female  Tiffaney and Sambuca's Campari  294994  2nd  Karen Kinyon  Reserve          
Halter Year. HW Male  Wunsapana's Storm The Castle  296293  1st  Teri Conroy           
Halter 2 Yr. HW Male  RM Moonshine  294292  1st  Patti Morgan           
Halter 2 Yr. HW Male  Mighty Joe's Glacier  296306  2nd  Robert Knuckles           
Halter Adult HW Male  Mighty Joe's Napali  296307  1st  Robert Knuckles  Grand          
Halter Adult HW Male  RM Gunsmoke  1010485  2nd  Patti Morgan  Reserve          
Halter Adult HW Male  Charlie ZF  294736  3rd    Morgan Barba           
Halter Juvenile HW Female  ALCL Hello Stella  297671  1st  Ulin Andrews  Reserve          
Halter Juvenile HW Female  Tall Tail's Pele  297791  2nd  Robert Knuckles           
Halter Juvenile HW Female  2Bit2 Twistin Shout  297613  3rd    Marcie Saska-Agnew           
Halter Year. HW Female  Cloud Peak's Abigail  295513  1st  Barbara Flinn           
Halter Year. HW Female  ZF Argentine Isadora  296650  2nd  Julie Hall           
Halter 2 Yr. HW Female  2Bit2 Miss Zita  294550  1st  Marcie Saska-Agnew           
Halter Adult HW Female  RM Puf  1011706  1st  Patti Morgan  Grand          
Halter Adult HW Female  Tall Tail's Savanna-La-Mar  1011610  2nd  Robert Knuckles           
Halter Adult HW Female  Tall Tail's Juliet  1011487  3rd    Robert Knuckles           
Halter Adult HW Female  Argentine Dot ZF  294735  4th    Julie Hall           
Non-Breeder Yearling  ALCL Blue Boy  296632  1st  Ulin Andrews  Reserve          
Non-Breeder 2 Yr.  ALCL Slick  295706  1st  Ulin Andrews           
Non-Breeder 2 Yr.  Loma's Kodiak  296132  2nd  Janine Faussone           
Non-Breeder Adult  2Bit2 Indigo Skye  1011702  1st  Marcie Saska-Agnew  Grand          
Non-Breeder Adult  Argentine Affogato  291411  2nd  Eileen Ditsler           
Non-Breeder Adult  Stage Stop HooDoo  285778  3rd  Sally Rucker           
Non-Breeder Adult  Edson ZF  1011410  4th  Sarah Barba           
Non-Breeder Adult  Summer Peach  292390  6th    Kacey Henrich           
GOS  Cloud Peak's Banana Chip  294795  3rd    Barbara Flinn           
POD  CTF Renegade's Amore  273917  2nd  Ulin Andrews           
Halter Suri Juvenile Male  Tall Tail's Kailua  297790  1st  Robert Knuckles  Reserve          
Halter Suri Adult Male  Mondavi RTC  295085  1st  Robert Knuckles  Grand          
Halter Suri Year. Female  ALCL Firecracker's Moon Dance  296631  1st  Ulin Andrews  Grand          
Halter Suri Year. Female  MSF Vogue  295532  2nd  Ulin Andrews  Reserve