of the
2007 Skillathon

held at the
ALSA Grand National Show Of Champions


The very first Lama Skillathon was held at the 2007 ALSA Grand National Show Of Champions.  No entry fee was required and generous cash prizes were awarded through 6th place of each age division with 1st place being $100.00.  Premiums came from our generous sponsors that made this event possible.  Over 68 youth participated in the Skillathon and the results were extremely impressing.  Tiebreakers had to be referred to in many instances in order to calculate our list of winners. 
Many Thanks to Our 2007 Skillathon Sponsors!
Doug & Kamala Overman Malcolm & Carol Ann Tallmon
Margo & Glen Unzicker Mike & Janet Wilkins
Don & Sue McFarland Michigan Llama Association
Hubbard Feeds Jim & Marilyn Nenni
The Skillathon consisted of four individual stations with various challenges suited for each age level.  A list of study helps were posted on the ALSA website in advance of the event.  Participants rotated between each of these stations and completed the challenges on all aspects of llamas and alpacas - care, fiber, training, and medical issues.  The stations included: 
1.  External Parts Identification   2.  Equipment Identification and Use
3.  General Herd Management  4.  Problem Solving On The Farm  

2007 Skillathon Results


Junior Results

Intermediate Results

Senior Results

100 1.  Danan Nesrin 1.  Kati McCrone 1.  Rhyannon Peoples
75 2.   Elizabeth Robak 2.  Caitlin Colburn 2.  Deanna Duncan
50 3.  Katie Goodyear 3.  Meagan Cyrus 3.  Katie Mazac
25 4.  Becky Bradford 4.  Chris Koenig 4.  Jaci Gerdes
25 5.  Wally Dawydiak 5.  Shelby Swain 5.  Heather Koenig
25 6.  Sam Raleigh 6.  Kirstin Torgersen 6.  Tara Munson

See you at the 2008 Youth Skillathon!