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2010 ALSA Grand National Show Of Champions

Photo Show Results

  With absolutely no entry fee and awards of beautiful ribbons and cash premiums, the fourth annual Photo Show was again a very popular event held at the 2010 ALSA Grand National Show.  Everyone enjoyed viewing all the entries with llamas and alpacas as the subject.    
     Two divisions were held, youth and adult, with ribbons and cash premiums paid out in all the three categories of each division.  The three categories this year were:  1.  The Elegant Llamas, 2.  Interaction in the Pasture, 3.  Beautiful Eyes.  A Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion was awarded in each division and also a Peoples Choice award, voted on by the attending exhibitors, was awarded in each division.  The colorful People's Choice ribbon was accompanied by $30.00 cash!  The on-site show photographer did us the honor of judging all the photos on Saturday evening.   Thanks to all ALSA members who entered the Photo Show and shared your creative captures with all of us!    

 A Sincere Thank You To Our 2010 Sponsors

Hubbard Feeds, Inc.

Barb & Tom Parsons
Animal Acres Llamas

Cheryl Ryberg
Four Hawks Farm

Dee January
January's Dakota Llamas

Sharon Carrier
Double C Ranch

Ollendick Farms

Carol Ann & Malcolm Tallmon
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Thanks to all who participated great photos!  Judging was very difficult!

2010 Photo Show Results

2010 People's Choice Award - Youth Division
photo by:   Madison McFadden

2010 People's Choice Award - Adult Division
photo by:  Carol Reigh

Grand Champion:  Michele Gohr Grand Champion:  Carol Reigh
Reserve Grand Champion:   Aly Briggs Reserve Grand Champion:  Eileen Ditsler

Winning Youth Entries

Winning Adult Entries

The Elegant Llama: The Elegant Llamas:
1.  Lorah Moore 1.  Eileen Ditsler - Reserve Grand Champion
2.  Abby Gallemore 2.  Caroline Welk
3.  Mackenzie Willy 3.  Carol Reigh
4.  Aly Briggs 4.  Violet Baggett
5.  Madison McFadden 5.  Sharon VanHooser
6.  Connor Kutzler 6.  Tor Sorenson
Interaction In The Pasture: Interaction In The Pasture:
1.  Aly Briggs - Reserve Grand Champion 1.  Carol Reigh - Grand Champion
2.  Madison McFadden 2.  Diana Collins
3.  Connor Kutzler 3.  Caroline Welk
4.  Mackenzie Willy 4.  Violet Baggett
5.  Rebekah Jim 5.  Raymond Kratville
6.  Cody Carroll 6.  Caitlin Hampton
Beautiful Eyes: Beautiful Eyes:
1.  Michele Gohr - Grand Champion 1.  Hector Mejia
2.  Mackenzie Willy 2.  Eileen Ditsler
3.  Johnathon Pope 3.  Michelle Kutzler
4.  Aly Briggs 4.  Tor Sorenson
5.  Katie Goodyear 5.  Nancy Varga
6.  Lorah Moore 6.  Caroline Welk

Grand Champion
Category: Beautiful Eyes - Youth Division
photo by: Michele Gohr