2001 Grand National
 Show Results

Show Committee:
Chair & Superintendent:  Hank Kauffman
Jim Atkinson, Maggie Schuler, Marilyn Nenni, Terry Duespoyl

Halter:  Ray Howard, Cathie Kindler, Jodi Robinson
Performance:  Carol Hicks, Lora Crawford

Bob & Joyce Johnston, Michael & Linda Pierce, Kay & Eric Sharpnack, Greg, Debbie, Dan Shellabarger, Doug & Sherry Sheridan, Llama MOSAIC, Ken & Celia Austin

"Welcome to the ALSA Grand National 2001.  This is the fourth ALSA Grand National and you are participating in the largest llama show ever held.  There are over 700 llamas and alpacas and almost 1100 entries.  This year's show starts on Friday at noon and there will be two rings running simutaneously."
Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and a Great Show!

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